A birth story is one of the most intimate and awe-inspiring sessions that I offer. It is my honor to document this right of passage for you as a woman, and milestone for your family as it grows and changes. My goal is to provide this service to any and every family as love is love and birth is birth. No matter how you plan to have your baby I would love to document your birth story.


You captured the experience (birth) beyond what words can ever explain. It was absolutely incredible!! Everyone was moved to tears, even the people that were there and experienced it the first time. - Courtney

The Essential Birth Package

Your birth photography coverage includes the following:

  • In-person pre-labor consultation

  • On call from 38 weeks (24 hours a day) until your birth - active labor (5/6 cm) and postpartum care (about 2 hours after)

  • Developing/Processing of your images – My artistic touch creating a story of precious moments from start to finish

  • A professionally designed digital birth announcement delivered within 24 hours of your birth

  • Social Media images for easy sharing on your social media accounts

Birth coverage starts at $1,000. Contact me for more information and schedule your free consultation.
In order to accommodate everyone who would like to document their birth, payment plans are available.


What is the benefit to hiring a birth photographer?  Birth is a very raw, emotional, amazing experience… many families would describe it as a time warp. By having a photographer present, not only can your birth team be more helpful to you, but they can also be more fully present in the experience itself. As the mother, you often times cannot see (or remember) all that is happening because you are so focused on the task at hand! I am able to carefully document each step of the way with images you will treasure for a lifetime.

What is included in your Birth Story package? As we know, babies come when they are ready. I schedule no more than 2 births a month to ensure I am able to try my hardest to be at yours. I am with you for as long as it takes and even a few hours afterward. Complete package information is available by contacting me.

What is your turn around time for my images?  Each story gets a private reveal session where we come together a few short weeks after your birth to watch your story.

How would you describe your post-processing style for this type of photography?   As you might be able to tell from my website, I gravitate toward images that give you a story.  I lightly edit my birth images because I want them to tell your REAL story. You should expect images that show what things were really like, very little touching up is done.

When is it best to book my Birth Story?  Being that I shoot a very limited amount of births in a month, it is recommended to book and secure your spot on my calendar as soon as you know you would like for me to be there. This also gives you and I the opportunity to get to know one another during your pregnancy so that when we all come together you and I will not be strangers!

When do you come and how long do you stay after the baby arrives?  I prefer to come just as soon as you know you are in active labor (we can discuss this more at our consultation).  This gives me time to document many of the little, important details that you will want to remember later… as well as be a part of the delicate birth environment before labor intensifies.  Giving birth is a very vulnerable and intimate event.  Walking into your “zone” once you are in it can upset the balance and be undesirable.  It’s helpful to begin the journey along with you.

What can we do to help insure the best photos possible?  Please give me as much advanced notice as possible when you think you might be in labor.  I know this is not always possible, but it is greatly appreciated when it is.   For home births, please do not use white or light colored towels for after the baby is born.  Darker colors actually make the photos look better as your baby’s skin will pop off the dark back ground and well, it’s just easier to photograph too!

What if I don’t want “everything” photographed?  I have clients will all different comfort levels regarding their birth images.  Some mothers want to see everything in their photos, others would prefer I stay by their heads and take the photos from that discreet perspective.  I will honor your wishes.  I DO think that most clients are happier in the end with the “see it all” approach.  Birth is a miracle, and trust me you will want to relive and remember every detail years down the road.  After all, these photos are for your eyes only….. and you only have to share the ones you want to.

Do you photograph Cesarean births?  Yes, I do!   Some hospitals/doctors are concerned with having a photographer in the room.  We can discuss a few ways to introduce this idea to your physician and be sure they are on board with having me there.  In the end though, I have to abide by their policies and so it is important that you discuss all the possible scenarios with your care providers and hospitals.

What happens if you miss the birth?  Life and quick labors DO happen. If this is the issue we will have decided in advance our next steps.  I do not refund your session fee because I am making myself available to you and will live in an on-call status for several weeks at the time surrounding your birth.  Again, call me at the beginning of labor and this will rarely be an issue.  Please note that I myself have a little one to get settled and absolutely MUST have advanced notice.  Intentionally waiting until labor gets intense, transition, or the pushing phase will likely result in a missed birth.  It’s called a Birth “Story” because I want to be there to capture all of it!

Do you offer gift certificates?   Yes, I do.  Please contact me if you’d like to purchase one.

Do you offer discounts for multiple bookings, i.e. maternity, newborn, or a unique package sessions?   Yes, I offer a percentage off the total OR additional print credit for each session.  Let’s chat about creating a custom package that works for you!