It is a lost art of having heirloom prints in our homes.

In a digital world we have many memories that we can view within an arms reach and a charged battery BUT with this comes the risk of lost. I hear stories of lost images... first breaths, last breaths, baby feet, mommy hands, new pets, recitals, weddings, daily life that you want to hold on to... New technology can fail us and with it goes images that can never be brought back, those images that are captured but never printed. This is one of the MANY reasons why I offer a full service photography business for my clients. Giving you quality products worth investing in that you can cherish and pass on for many generations is just one of the many gifts from my studio.

When our family gets together we will go through old images that have been passed on through the ages. Vintage prints from the 1800s that has survived the times show us family members and how they are connected to us. This art is still available but can be hard to come by with the saturation of our digital world.

Below is a sample of products that I offer to my clients. This quality product can only be purchased through private professional photography services, and the investment will be passed on for many generations. If you have something in mind, but do not see the product offered, please ask as I have access to professional products.

Album and Book product

Table Art

Not all clients are interested in or have the space for wall art displays. Clients return year after year and are chronicling their annual session in albums. Our albums themselves are beautiful works of art. When we design an album, we design it to tell a story and become a treasured family heirloom.

Wall Art

 My canvases are not the same as the commercially available ink jet wrapped canvases that you may see from time to time. These canvases are professionally printed photographic prints bonded to artist canvas and then mounted and coated with a protective finish. They are truly works of art that need to be seen to be appreciated. Clients who prefer a more contemporary display, I also offer our larger pieces as photographic prints (non-canvas), mounted and matted and framed behind glass. I will assist you in determining the best choice for your home and style. Wood canvas are modern canvas that have been printed onto wood and show subtle grain textures.



Prints & Digital Files

Heirloom Boxes are one option for clients who want their images up on the wall but needs a flexible display option. Images are stored in hand crafted wood box that can house a collection of prints. The box can sit on display, much like an album, and be opened up and gone through at your leisure.  The individual prints can also be slipped into frames and hung on the wall as a collection to create an instant gallery wall. The beauty with this display is that the prints can be switched out of the frames with a new set the following year and the older set return to their box. This option gives you the freedom to have a display that changes.

I do offer the option to purchase high resolution digital files. The purchase of the files includes printing rights so that you can print at your own lab.

Complimentary, lightly watermarked digital files are included for every image purchased with a product. They are optimized for use on social media outlets, and are great for sharing images from your session!