Get to know a little about me!

I officially started my business in 2016 after I offered to capture some friend’s family sessions and then others started asking.

After many years of not picking up a camera it turned into something that I couldn’t put down (once my little was born). I have tried many different genres and fell in love with documantary type photography (what I studied originally).

As a mother and wife I capture images that I would love to receive. Images that I would want to look back on and say "remember when..." For me, capturing the feelings through a lens is one of the most powerful memories I can preserve for others.

I hope for the chance to meet you and learn more about you and your life!

Tidbits and Sparkels

  • I SUPER HEART my coffee nook, like it’s going out of style

  • I could eat street tacos any day.

  • I REALLY like to travel to new locations and see new sites.

  • I have a 4 year old

  • I great up in a simple small town

  • I like the idea of running…and that’s about it.