DeLuca Family Session

Do you have that one person in your family. You know the one who isn't related by blood, you don't often see, but when you do, you feel like kindred spirits? YES! That one....

This is what Briana is to me. This amazing mama walked into my life in 2012 and I have never looked back. When we are able to spend some time together it's as if we haven't really left each other. I think it's because we have such cute kids that love each other! Yep - cousins for life. 

While taking a much needed family vacation I planned to also have this family session. She has never had the luxury of having a boutique service at her tips and it was my honor to shower her with all the amazing perks of hiring a professional photographer. 

We were able to go through and style each outfit to compliment the other - of course focusing on Mama's outfit first (a must for any session like this!!). 

During the stay I scouted a few locations so that we would have options for the desired look. 

Less than an hour later we had the entire family session done!!! 

Here are some of the highlights~

So you wonder what the trick is to getting these images just so. I LOVE connecting with my clients. You receive a free consultation AND a design session. This gives me an opportunity to style your session and plan it to be something you will LOVE. This is just ONE of the many things that sets me and my business apart from others. To contact me for a FREE consultation and to get your family session scheduled contact me! I love to have a 5 minute call to go over all of the perks before we meet!