Aimee's Maternity Milk Bath Session

I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to capture Aimee's second pregnancy. One of the many blessings in life is meeting people, who you feel a connection to, through another friend. Aimee was referred to me by our mutual very talented, beautiful, life loving friend Korina, founder of Celebrating Life for my services in Birth Photography. Aimee and I discussed Birth Photography (another post as I was able to capture her very quick, strong and beautiful birth story) but when we met I showed her my work from my Milk Bath sessions. 

Milk Bath.... What! That's right friends. 

Milk Bath sessions are a fantastic opportunity to capture BEAUTIFUL intimate images of yourself. My specialty session is designed to speak to your inner beauty and create art for you to cherish. 

Pregnancy is an entire package of preparing you for the change that is about to become your new normal. The beauty of creating life is just one of the MANY things our bodies can be capable of and capturing that beauty is what I love to do. 

So, when Aimee expressed interest in this session I was SUPER excited! Her design session helped me narrow down the color palette for her session. She also expressed interest in having her daughter be a part of this session. A toddler + bath time + flowers = A FANTASTIC SESSION! 

Upon arriving at our location I set up the beautiful tub and started preparing the botanical pieces for her session. Once the bath was prepared I requested Aimee to relax for a few minutes in the tub while I started placing the chosen flowers around her. Aimee was able to soak and relax, so by the time I started photographing she was at peace. Her beautiful daughter was a great help while she waited for her part in the session and she was VERY excited when it was her time for the bath. 

Aimee had also brought some personal touches to this session including her jewelry and some flowers that we incorporated that were her close to a VERY special women in her life.

If you are interested in your own session lets talk. You can contact me HERE. I would love to capture this beautiful moment for you.